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Full-Stack Engineer

Full-stack engineer expert in JavaScript / TypeScript technologies (Node.js / React), I also have a significant work experience in the data field (Business Intelligence / Big Data).

Passionate about development and technology, I know how to:

  • Get familiar with business requirements and make sure I meet them,
  • Search (and find!) the best and most elegant solution to a business demand,
  • Design a software architecture dealing with all the constraints, especially regarding performance and security,
  • Write clean, tested and documented code, thinking about the next developers who will have to maintain it,
  • Anticipate issues before they occur (performance, security breaches, ...),
  • Be proactive towards business requirements.

My English is fluent and I can work with English-speaking teams.

Oh, I am also a pianist.

Technical Skills

Latest Projects

Les Amateurs Virtuoses

Les Amateurs Virtuoses
Full redesign of website in TypeScript with Next.js framework.
  • Database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL (Supabase)
  • Front-end rewritten from scratch using Next.js / Prisma / TailwindCSS
  • Generation of structured metadata for SEO optimization
  • Back-office rewritten from scratch using Refine framework


Full-Stack development on "Jackpot" B2B REST API (gift card ordering), in TypeScript with Nest.js / React frameworks.
  • Clean up and fixes
  • Scaled up the server from start-up mode up to acquisition by Bimpli company
  • Implementation of a state machine managing gift card lifecycle
  • Integration of third-party APIs
  • Deployment on GCP platform


Thierry Goldwaser
Thierry Goldwaser